April 30, 2021 How to change your profile picture?

ss88 Profile Picture on Your Public Profile link is based on "Avatar" which is under your user account setting. 3 Simple steps below will guide you how to change your profile picture.

April 10, 2021 What is URL Shortener

URL Shoteener A URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into whatever URL you would like it to be. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. I want to clarify that a URL shortener is the same as a link shortener… is the same as a link shrinker… a link compressor… a URL condenser… a vanity URL creator… I think that’s them all covered. They are all different ways of saying the same thing, which is that we want to take something long and ugly, then make it short and cute. To keep it simple, I will stick with the term URL shortener from today until the day I die.   Custom (Alias) URL A custom, or branded URL shortener, is when you’ve connected your own custom domain to a URL shortener which acts as a base for all the short links you create. Instead of using a generic domain such as or, you can pick your own. It’s perfectly explained in this gif:

April 03, 2021 The 10 best URL shorteners of 2021

Since the Google URL Shortener was shut down a few years ago (RIP), the internet has been trying to find the next best option. Of course, as with most things, there's no one right answer: the best URL shortening service for you depends on what you need and want from one. There are simple, fast, and free URL shortening apps; marketing- and analytics- focused ones with dashboards and detailed metrics; and even options where you can add your own call-to-action over the link you share.  To help you find the best URL shortener services, we tested over 30 different options. Here are our favorites.  The 10 best URL shortener services